Why is (SEO) important?
Since Search Engines are like overturn broadcast networks that offer direct responds to queries, it gives ultra-targeted marketing. This means that your sites comes up for real public whose are searching for your products and services as well, Search Engines lets you to put on the market what your clientele would like, when they want it with no letting them believe that they are looking at an advertisement.

Search Engine Optimization Advantages:

·    create a reputation among clients, suppliers, employees in addition to other stakeholders as well
·    broaden awareness in latest market sectors or latest geographical areas
·    boost public awareness of product benefits
·    get better customer service by delivering online support
·    sell products in a straight line to customers from the website
·   start a discussion with customers through forums, blogs and feedback pages, which can then be used to improve products and address any issues

For most businesses, investing in a website is a major part of marketing activity. Maximizing the benefits of this investment is one of the key objectives of an SEO strategy.